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Spa Party's Adults and Kids and Kids Night

Spa Party: Enjoy a massage, facial, and /or yoga, activities and catering.


Kids Spa Party: (5-11)


Massage 15 to 45 minutes            Facials 30 minutes         Aroma Foot Soak with polish        Yoga        Spa Phot Op

Enjoy making bath bombs and bath salts, personalized facial products. Includes a pampering gift bag. 2 1/2 hours 



Pamper Me Party Upgrades:

Make Up (light eye shadow, lip gloss, blush) – $25

Sheet Masks – $25

Gift bags (Includes a Chapstick, Bath Bomb and Hand Lotion) – $10 per child



                     -Teen Spa Party Package (ages 12-17)

15 Min. Back Massage                                            30 Min. scalp/neck/back massage                 50 minute full body massage

15 Min. Facial Massage/Sheet Mask                        30 Minute Facial                                           50 Minute full body massage

Moisturizing Hand & Foot Wraps                              Moisturizing Hand & Foot Wraps                    Moisturizing Hand & Foot Wraps                     

Spa  Photo Op                                                        Spa  Photo Op                                             Spa Photo Op

Robes                                                                    Robes                                                          Robes

$275  - 2 1/2hrs                                                      $315  - 3 1/2hrs                                            $375  4 hrs                                                                               

Enjoy making bath bombs and bath salts, personalized facial products. Includes a pampering gift bag.

All Packages: 

8 Guests per package

$40 per extra child/teen

We can travel to you  - Travel fee varies

We offer sleepover parties - we will come to you to set up your at home spa day slumber party


Pamper Me Party Upgrades:

Make Up (light eye shadow, lip gloss, blush) – $25

Sheet Masks – $25

Gift bags (Includes a Chapstick, Bath Bomb and Hand Lotion) – $10 per child


*Bridal Party: Bachelorette Party


 -Bride Chair Massage: 

Before or on the big day, bring some relaxation to the bride and bridal party and add a professional and relaxing massage. The bridal party can get their wedding day aches, pains and stresses relieved while they wait for their turn for hair and make-up.  Chair massage is done clothed, in a special massage chair.  We use no oils so you will stay clean, and the massage won’t mess up your hair if it’s already done 

 -Pricing starts at $325 for 1 massage therapist – 3 hours minimum. (services from 6-12 people) More time and additional therapists available at additional costs.  Travel costs may also apply. This is available as a Wedding package.


-(BRIDE + 4 GUESTS) Full body massage
5 Swedish Massages  $375 + tax ($24.84). - 60 minutes each 

5 Holistic Facials $375 - 50 minutes each          -Plus refreshments-

Total Package with 5% off $736.1. Gratuity not included.

 *(coming soon) Bride Yoga:  Looking for a great bridal party experience? Want to create connection and calm before the rehearsal?  Holistic Serene Healing holds up to 6 students, where we can customize a class for the bridesmaids, or a group of friends and/or family.  We can also come to your event and teach whatever size class you have space for!

 -We also add refreshments after the class (Additional costs apply)

 -Pricing starts at $90 for class. Travel costs may apply to remote locations.  


*Group Meditation:  

Bring the whole family together for a bonding and grounding experience with a group meditation class.   Enjoy the the whole wedding experience even more by bringing yourself more fully into the present moment, and walk away with guided meditations and tools for relieving stress.  This is great in advance of the wedding, during the intensity of wedding prep, or even on the day of! Pricing starts at $20/per person for an hour.


*Couples Massage: 

Before or after the wedding, the bride and groom can enjoy the deep relaxation of a massage. Either in a shared room (schedule permitting), or at the same time in separate room. each will get the type of massage that they need:  Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massage are just some of the massage options available! We do travel at an additional cost. $200


*Private Couples Massage Lesson:

Learn how to massage your partner to ease their aches and pains and help them relax (in between professional massages)  Massage is a wonderful way help someone you love feel better, while enhancing intimacy and connection in you relationship.  In this customized private lesson, the couple will learn some basic massage techniques for the neck, back and shoulders, as well as the hands and feet, and will learn how to make their partner feel fantastic!  (Makes a great gift!)  2.5 hours: $200.  Longer classes also available. Makes a great gift!


*Wedding Packages:


Spa Packages for the Bride

-FAIRY TALE     $ 255.00
Lavender Sea Salt Glow, Lavender Massage, Lavender Facial, Salt Sauna (scents can be changed)

Aromatherapy Massage, Aromatherapy Facial, 

Aromatherapy Massage, Sauna

(With purchase of any Bridal Package you’ll receive a complimentary GIFT )


*Spa Packages for the Groom

Therapeutic Massage, Gentleman’s Facial, Sauna

- A  DAY TO REMEMBER   $160.00
Therapeutic Massage, Facial, Sauna
(Comes with Complimentary Spa Manicure)

Holistic Serene Healing - Infinity Wellness has options to CUSTOMIZE your spa package based on your preference


For parties up to 5 Guests – 5% DISCOUNT
From 6 to 10 Guests – 10% DISCOUNT
From 11 and more Guests – 15% DISCOUNT (when each guest purchases $100 or more in Services)


*Kid's Night:

Enjoy a day or evening with books, games and learning. Refreshments served. Lunches or dinner is served per request with an additional discounted cost.  Every Saturday, alternating day time and evenings.Yoga, massage and facials can be included at an additional cost  $20/hour. Kid's night last up 4 hours.

     -Movies, smoothies/refreshments, arts and crafts, board games, video games, story time, chess, massage, facials, yoga, build your own products, legos, learn CPR


*Clubs for kids:

chess club, game club (card,video,board games) lego club, outdoor activites, yoga, arts and crafts, or coding - $80/month per club, 2 clubs $100/month. Clubs run on Friday, Saturday and Sundays for an hour an 30 minutes. 

We do have trained and certified (Red Cross) babysitters on staff - parents may stay.